Making vegan pie crust

A Video of My Mom Making Pie Crust

Making vegan pie crust
Making vegan pie crust

I usually just post a link to my videos in the post that they relate to, but this one is special. My mom came to visit last week and I convinced her to go on camera and make her famous pie crust! Not only is my mom sweet and wonderful, she is also an incredible cook and baker. She is the original “happy food ninja”. The pie crust she makes is basically the one she was taught by her grandmother (we just substitute vegetable shortening for lard). My mom is sharing some super fun tips and letting you in on the secrets to the perfect crust. I hope you enjoy!


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Hey, my name is Adrianne, but I like to call myself the Happy Food Ninja! I am excited to share my love of food and cooking with you. My goal is to introduce you to easy ways to make delicious food, no matter what diet you subscribe to.

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