My Favorite Cookbooks – A holiday gift giving guide

Life has been a bit odd lately with moving across the country and figuring out our new schedule. With all the changes my cooking and recipe development are a bit off, or maybe I’m just building up to the next round of creation. I have been cooking from recipes a lot lately! Totally crazy, I … More My Favorite Cookbooks – A holiday gift giving guide

Picture Diary

We have moved from the Boston area to the Seattle area and have not yet settled in. We are in temporary housing for a few more days (it’s been about two weeks) and things are going well. I have been cooking, but absolutely have not been doing recipe development. Sorry. I know the holidays are … More Picture Diary

Pickled Red Onions

As I’ve been exploring balancing flavors, and trying new food combinations I have truly come to love pickled red onions. Pickled everything really, but these are one of my favorites. It is not one of those ingredients that brings and item into focus when I see it on a menu. I feel it pairs particularly … More Pickled Red Onions